24-Hour Emergency Service

It’s -13 degrees outside with a windchill of something like negative 197. The “No School” call came in yesterday afternoon—the fourth time in the month of January. Tomorrow will likely be the same. BUT…to top it off, our furnace decided to take a vacation Saturday evening. Perfect timing, right?

Well, we did what any 21st Century learner would do—we hit the internet in search of 24-hour emergency service. What we discovered was this: In some cases, 24-hour emergency service in only available Monday through Friday—indicting no emergencies can happen on a weekend. In other cases, if you left your name and phone number, someone would call you at their earliest convenience—we are still waiting on at least four companies to call. Finally, the person who did call back stated that even if he found out what was wrong, he couldn’t fix it until Monday—no parts stores are open. So much for an emergency!

But here’s the real kicker; we knew what part we needed. We had the furnace apart, the part number in-hand, and were ready to make the call. BUT…no one is open for furnace parts on the weekend—again adding to the belief that 24-hour emergencies cannot happen from 12:01 a.m. Saturday morning until 8:00 a.m. Monday.

Okay, it’s now Monday noon and it’s so cold in the house that I just saw a penguin waddle by. We still have no heat. Oh, don’t get me wrong—we have some heat—thanks to a 24-hour big-box store—five small heaters and a gas fireplace. But…we don’t have real heat yet. That will be coming this afternoon when my husband and son finally show up with the part to replace it…now that someone is open and offered to sell it to us.

SOOOO, all this got me thinking—what if education worked this way. What if a child couldn’t email questions, couldn’t download assignments, worksheet, or rubrics, and couldn’t find out when the next test was or a project was due? Granted, I don’t have to go out into the cold to deliver these things to them, but I have done everything I can to make them available to our 21st century learners.

If this had happened 10 years ago, my husband would have paid any amount of money to get it fixed, but that’s not the case today. We live in an era where we can make our own repairs simply by watching a YouTube video. The problem is that we often can’t get what we need because we aren’t certified “repairman”. Times are changing! Everyone should be changing…not just education!

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