Where Have You Been?

Wow! I didn’t know so many people would miss me. I had lots of messages/comments that I didn’t approve for posting…people saying they wished I would return to Phat Teacher. (Well, actually, I sent most of those messages, but it felt good to see them!) Anyway, I’ve actually been around, but blogging in a different format…which obviously y’all (spending a lot of time with my friend Erinn who recently moved back from Texas!) haven’t been reading as much…so,  I am returning to Phat Teacher and will merge my blogs. (That just doesn’t sound right!)

Keep reading, keep commenting, and I will keep writing. Thanks for the comments and the questions. I typically don’t approve blog posts because most of them are personal, but if you write something that makes me sound better than I am…I’ll approve it! 🙂



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