40 Days and 2 Animals of Every Kind…No Wonder They Call It Thanksgiving Vacation

When Noah hit 40 days in the ark, the storm was over! So gently and lovingly, he opened the ark, and waited for the water to soak into the earth so he could let the animals safely go. For those 40 days, he put up with two animals of every kind: ducks, elephants, lions, snakes, etc… He even put up with two mosquitoes when he could easily have squashed them, but didn’t!  So, how is it that he stayed sane and caring during that entire time? It’s a good thing Noah didn’t have two of every kind of middle-schooler on the ark. I am afraid he may have thrown some of them overboard long before the storm was over.

That being said, we are now slightly past 40 days of school, and I believe it’s time to open the school doors and let the animals run free! (It’s not called THANKSGIVING VACATION for nothing!) For those past 40+ days, we have put up with two of every kind of middle-schooler…some I didn’t even know existed.

I could never be as kind as Noah was – nor as patient and caring. There are those moments when I wonder if I am even still sane. Of course I’m not sane! I go back every single day, don’t I? I returned after two kids attempted a “head-first” race down the banister…forgetting you can’t stop when you reach the end. I returned after they decided that if everyone got H1N1, the school would close…and so spent the next week breathing on every table, door knob, and water faucet. I returned after they collected every piece of gum from under the tables and created a “gum statue” just to show me how much they found. And I returned after they took all of the candy in my “bribe-bucket” and made a trail for me to follow…only to find, at the other end, four eighth grade boys eating their way back to my room. No…I am not sane, and neither are middle-schoolers.

But you know what? I sort of like them, anyway! Recently, I purchased a book called the IMMATURITY ENCYCLOPEDIA! What teacher in their right mind would make that book available to middle-schoolers to read – knowing full-well that they will try everything in the book? Proof, again…I am not sane! But maybe that’s what you need to be a teacher. Maybe you need to be able to see the humor in things that others would find outrageous! Or maybe you just need to be plain old nuts. Either way, I think I’m covered!

Mary…the Phat/Fat Teacher

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